Mobile Starlink owners, stop hunting for an open service address every time you move

Starlink Sonar finds the best cell, automatically
(then sets it for you and keeps looking for better ones!)

Rated 5 stars by the guy who's building it
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This thing really slaps! I've fallen in love with my Starlink service again, now as a digital nomad.

Digital nomads and RVers rejoice!

You travel and use Starlink for the speed .... that is, when you can find an open cell. You may even decide on your next location based on it's availability.

Here's the thing....

You shouldn't have to hunt and peck for hours or days to find a good service address. And now you don't have to.

Starlink Sonar will automatically find an open cell near whatever address you want, set your service address for you, and switch you a closer address over time if one becomes available.

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